Au revoir, la Nouvelle-Orléans

My bags are still packed / overflowing from college, but everything’s pretty much lying in various places and waiting to be collected to send off to Paris! (Including me).

Brushing up on French with The Ultimate French Review and Practice . . . but something tells me I won’t need to know the Passe Simple. More likely I’ll be needing some polite phrases and table etiquette tips. . .  maybe even the very random idioms like “ça a coûté les yeux de la tête” from the handouts we got in high school French classes. Probably should dig out the binders of basic and miscellaneous information. Lord knows they won’t let me speak a word of French once I open my American mouth.

But I am quite excited to be adventuring overseas with Notre Dame’s Paris study abroad program. Gotta love amazing opportunities like this. So for family and friends I’ll be keeping this blog to keep yall updated on my Parisian adventures, as well as documenting my experience so that I see every day as a new adventure (as every day anywhere should be seen, I think).

Je pars le 22 mai et je reviens le 30 juin. Au revoir, la Nouvelle-Orléans! Bonjour, Paris!

my excited-for-the-city-of-lights face


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