feeling the walls

Every time I leave my apartment, I enter into total blackness for about a yard and a half. Short though it is, I am generally a clutz about walking a few steps in front of me when I can see the ground, and when one hand is stretched out in front, waving, to get the attention of the light sensor, the other awkwardly skims the wall, trying not to knock on my neighbor’s doors. As efficient as the system may be for electric bills… I wish that the French could think of efficiency in time or general pulmonary health rather than this.

Anyway, I wouldn’t have mentioned this daily episode had we not, as a group, followed in single lines into a dark hallway in the Madeleine for the Glee Club concert. We were supposed to have mass in the crypt. The crypt wasn’t open, but stairs to a dark, stoney, and arched passageway were. So we took that route.

When we emerged into the main room, we were met with the Notre Dame Glee Club warming up for the concert that night. I’ve somewhat underestimated the magnitude of Notre Dame kids enjoying the reaches of our university. After a few kids spoke wonderful French to introduce their songs to a church full of French fans, and after their director (or was it the traveling priest?) spoke about the university and its Catholic history (with Father Badin and all), I realized what a big deal Notre Dame is. And how the Catholic church makes so many worldwide connections.

Honored as I was to be a student participating in the abroad program, I was more honored to get to know the Glee Club kids. They seemed super-tight and even gave my friends and I a few impromptu concerts in Russian and Italian underneath the Eiffel Tower last night. Lounging on the lawn underneath the Tower – as cheesey and touristy as it can be – is absolutely wonderful. Proud to be an American, proud to revel in the sparkling Eiffel Tower show.

Second underestimation: the explosively soft joy of a macaron in my mouth. This time, the hype of the famous brand name Ladurée, one of the big names in the Parisian macaron biz, did not disappoint (*cough* Pierre Hermé *cough*). The flavor! Just… wow. New culinary mission: discover the best flavor. There’s tons. Petit delights, ouai.


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  1. dad

    Hey Madeline – I’m enjoying your blog. I hear you have an exciting weekend planned. Have fun and be careful. We all miss and love you. Dad

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