au revoir, paris

Paris was left behind, but not forgotten, what seems like very long ago, and the blog was left unfinished. Thanks to everyone who shared as much of the adventure as I could filter through the blog by following it. And thank you very much, Paris, and Notre Dame, for giving me all you had to offer this summer.

Here’s a few snapshots of the program’s last journeys.

Le manekin piss, the icon of brussels, reproduced more splendidly than the original in a belgian chocolate store window.

Monet's gardens, the inspiration for the water lilies paintings. It really was like a dream.

The view from Paris from Centre Pompidou, one of my favorite art museums in Paris. Sacre Coeur rises from the right on the horizon.

My roommate and I treated ourselves to the best hot tea in the world at this Parisian mosque's cafe. The back was covered with tents and little birds.

While my final history paper was on Hemingway's A Moveable Feast, my last art history paper was on Rodin's The Cathedral...

... and The Hand of God. Beyond beautiful.

One last anecdote, and I’ll close the adventure.

On the last full day of enjoying Paris, my  friend Mara and I lived it up- world famous hot chocolate at Angelina’s, followed by a swirling view of Paris from the swings in the Tuileries gardens, and a few glasses of wine and beer on tap at Le Baron Rouge wine bar.

We picked up souvenirs, jumped on the metro, walked to the Bastille, jumped back on the metro for Laduree macarons, and walked some more, till we met up with the class and the prof for a final farewell dinner.

Though I was nostalgic about leaving the tight-knit kind of family so quickly pushed together, I was more excited and yearning to get back home where I belonged. Never had I been so bent on making a flight in my life. Never have I looked so forward to returning to school in my life. I cannot wait to start a new semester at Notre Dame, a place where I finally feel that I can truly and proudly call my home.

But I’ve always been a nomad, from transferring schools to living off-campus and on-campus, from transferring dorms to roaming the globe. “Chin chin” to Europe, until London study abroad in 2012! Merci et au revoir!


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