Borough (aka glorious food galore)

International Food Market outside Royal Festival Hall (aka 2 blocks away from the apartments… so good)

this stall was actually an american bakery in London

Camden Markets (aka an alternative universe exploding with graffiti, punk, and trinket trash)

just your average picnic tables with seats made of recycled scooters

everything was redesigned in camden.

entrance to the Camden Stables Market. Gigantic bronze horses regularly popped onto the scene.

inside the stables market- old horse stables converted into deep-set stores for selling lots and lots of junk/treasure

If all of those wonderful, eye-catching, designer intricacies are enough to get my attention. But here’s where it got really weird- kind of felt like Alice in Wonderland going down the rabbit hole…

we descended about 3 flights of warehouse stairs to get to the bathrooms... and to be greeted by an insane explosion of colors. Even in the bathrooms?! Really?

And then THIS GUY was outside the bathroom. A horoscope grim reaper. What?!?!

Right after we took this photo, the fire alarm started blasting in our ears, and, feeling like I was in the bowels of the underworld already, we slightly freaked out. Even though everyone else was pretty cool above ground, we were glad to keep moving. Apparently regular fire drills (for example, multiple times in our apartments on Friday mornings) are a thing here. The markets were massive and amazing and overwhelming. My roomie Christine and I wandered through the stalls for hours! It was a really fantastic experience.


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