brushfire fairytales

“it seems to me that maybe, it pretty much always means no,

and no one, no one, no one likes to be let down.” –Flake, Jack Johnson

How can such an upbeat song have a cliche-melancholic meaning? I swear it’s been all about the reggae-folk-high from the sweet first twenty seconds of this song that have been incessantly playing in my head the past few days that is one expression of me loving life.

running in paris is fun, because absolutely everyone looks ridiculous. one girl ahead of me jogged around the poles that so inconveniently line the very trajectory of sidewalk traffic (and that i have twice malled straight into) – dancing and fun and with long pants. no one really wears shorts. i guess nadal doesn’t seem so ridiculous. and then i saw a woman wearing a scarf that could’ve been one of the 80 euro scarves that i saw yesterday at les galleries lafayette. and then there’s cute old couples going at the slowest cutest pace together. and then there’s me with my fighting irish t shirt and nike shorts. sometimes it’s nice embracing being a true american.

so i’ve been feeling super-creative and spontaneous lately. the drawing is from the last class day (which was actually quite a hilarious class, despite not going to any museums) – i was in another world though.

and jack johnson seems to be part of that.

i’m returning what is pure in the only way i can. as the notre dame priest at the crypt of la madeleine told us in the gospel- it’s my way of being present in the midst of absence. and i truly do feel present in new ways. i’m definitely a flake about some things, like travel plans and daily agendas, but not about who i love. God, family, friends… so much joy that’s whole no matter how ‘far.’


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